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A Super Bowl Star is Born

Model Sandwich On Forex Posted by: Krysta Struthers February 5, 2013 in Features, News Comments Off on A Super Bowl Star is Born

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Anheuser Busch wants fans to name the baby Clydesdale via Twitter. Photo courtesy of Anheuser Busch's Twitter. Binary Options With Support

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“People love the Clydesdales and they are a symbol,” said Rob McCarthy, the vice president of Budweiser. 

What a way to celebrate the 80 year relationship between Budweiser and the Clydesdales. The relationship dates back to 1933, the end of Prohibition.  August Busch, Jr., held a parade down the streets of St. Louis with the horses and beer as a celebration of the great occasion.  They say, however, they’re more than a mascot; they’re part of the family!

The birth of the newest foal was first announced in Budweiser’s first ever tweet. 

“This year’s #SuperBowl star? Our new #Clydesdales foal — and we need help to name it. Tweet us ideas via #Clydesdales.” 

They are asking for name suggestions for the baby horse via Twitter, Facebook or email.  My top choice, Knight, in honor of Stan Musial.  Any other ideas?

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