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Movie Review: “Anna Karenina” Platform Forex Brokbusinessbank Posted by: Michelle Lawrence November 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Features Comments Off on Movie Review: “Anna Karenina” Gamma Of New No Deposit Binary Option

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Anna and Vronsky’s tragic love affair parallels the story of Kostya Levin, played by Harry Potter’s Domhnall Gleeson, and the aim of his affection, Kitty Shcherbatsky (Alicia Vikander). Levin proposes to Kitty, yet she believes the charming Vronsky will propose to her, and consequently she rejects his offer. So while Kitty wears pink and pearls to the ball to impress her crush, Vronsky falls instantly in love with Anna, who stuns everyone by wearing a black silk gown. The more Anna and Vronsky dance, the more they fall in love, the more hopeless Kitty feels, and the more intrigued Imperial Russia becomes. So sets the stage for the greatest, most tragic love story of all time.

Tolstoy’s classic is one of my favorite books, so I am happy to say I was not disappointed by Wright’s film. The movie is overwhelmingly beautiful. Curtain after curtain rises and each time the scene looks like a whimsical, moving painted picture; and the actors waltz every scene, making the film resemble a ballet. It is indulgent, maybe too indulgent, like rich chocolate mousse. While it is decadent and delicious, it is also fluffy and unfulfilling. Every actor is believable and passionate, but without Tolstoy’s interior narration, it is difficult to provide the characterization that makes the book a classic. That being said, “Anna Karenina” is definitely worth seeing for anyone who loves the book, period dramas or the star-studded cast.

Watch the trailer here. Grade: A-

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