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Maryville Men’s Roller Hockey to Compete in 2012 Nationals

Safest How To Win In Binary Options Qqqq Posted by: Alexandra Gresick March 20, 2012 in Features, News, Sports Comments Off on Maryville Men’s Roller Hockey to Compete in 2012 Nationals

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With their season now over, the ‘Nard Dogs are focusing on getting ready for Nationals.

“We are mainly focused on getting ready for the trip. We’re really stoked to be competing at Nationals, so we’re working on physical and mental preparation,” said sophomore team president Matt Pierson.  “We will have practices closer to the departure, but the dates haven’t been decided.”

Pierson knows his team has spent countless days perfecting the game and has a positive outlook on the upcoming Nationals.

Kyle Lovell was recently named a Division II First Team All-American by the NCRHA. Courtesy of Matt Pierson.

“Every athlete expects to win,” said Pierson.  “The trip will be fun and a rewarding experience. But make no mistake; we’re there to take care of business. We haven’t invested this much time and money, not to bring home the title.”

“Honestly, I’m not too sure what to expect at nationals. I think we can finish with a high seed after the round robin tournament. Then after that it goes into the bracket system like college basketball,” added Lovell.  “If we play our game and not sink to the level of the other competitors, I think we have a good chance at going far in the tournament.”

As the ‘Nard Dogs head to Utah in the coming weeks, Pierson offers words of wisdom to his teammates and recognizes their effort and teamwork.

“We just gotta keep playing smart hockey. I have faith in every one of these guys. I’ve played with them, I know their talents, and what they can do,” adds Pierson.  “If we play our game, there’s no better team. And no matter the outcome, I’m honored every time I set foot on that rink with them.”

The Maryville roller hockey team started in 2010.  The players include #91 Kyle Lovell, #2 Shaun O’Rourke, #96 Matt Harris, #48 Justin Riley, #12 Ryan McNorton, #9 Craig Wild, #88 Zac Hornung, #77 Clayton Denten, #27 Matt Pierson, #7 Chad Meyer; and goalies #41 James Kramer and #00 Eric Roach.

Virtually unknown to the majority of students until now, the ‘Nard Dogs are enjoying awareness from the announcement of their trip to Utah.

Image courtesy of Matt Pierson.

“This is all kind of happening so fast,” said Lovell.  “At first no one knew about us and now we are like celebrities.”

The ‘Nard Dogs hope to have fun in Nationals but also expect to win.  With an increase in on-campus interest, star players and an excellent season; the Roller Hockey Saints enter post-season play with faith and talent and the hopes of obtaining that National title.

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