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What’s Your Everest? Trading Strategies Pdf India Posted by: Brianna Harrell September 28, 2010 in News Comments Off on What’s Your Everest?

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Aside from sharing his story with the students, Deegan interacted with them as well through a couple of group activities and discussion.

“I was very impressed with Paul Deegan’s seminar during the first annual Leader’s Retreat,” said Joel Hermann, Graduate Assistant in the Student Involvement office and co-coordinator of the retreat. “I think it was an awesome opportunity for leaders on campus to sit back and really have that ‘big picture’ put into perspective. It’s not always so blatant to see how our decisions as leaders can impact the rest of our lives, but Deegan was able to illustrate that with his inspiring tales and I think that all students in attendance were able to benefit from his speech.”

Surely, the day was not wasted and students received valuable insight from a man who attempted and succeeded in tackling a task that most people would consider suicidal. Deegan left the students with one very important question: what’s your Everest?

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